Personal Mentoring

What I call relationship marketing, many term as Home based business, Direct selling, Network Marketing, MLM or Multi Level Marketing, I believe to be the best Marketing Model in the Free Enterprise System. For a small investment of money and a investment of sweat equity, any ambitious person can earn incomes equal to that of any professional or businessperson. It has already been proven by companies that used this concept to gain major share of market in industries like communications, insurance, cosmetics, soaps, nutritionals, and others. And the people affiliated with them earned incomes of as much as a million dollars a month on sweat equity and a few hundred dollars up front investment.

My Purpose:

Wealth by itself does not bring with it freedom, in fact in many cases the wealthy have found out that maintaining their wealth has a cost of slavery to it. We want you to find wealth and freedom. Peace, happyness, joy, love of people and life. What I title enough wealth, good health, true wisdom and freedom of time to enjoy these things. As any way of life or trade in life one must learn the trade or profession. My purpose is to give you the tools and information so you by your due diligence and effort may learn the tools of the trade of marketing from home.

My Goal:

As we write material and travel the nation teaching about relationship marketing, the tax advantages, the compensation plans, the marketing methods, the selection of the right company and industry, and sharing true life stories of those who attained success, it is my goal to be the forum with which you both use and recommend to others. The forum that provides for you a value in the information.

My Value:

Everyone who uses this form of marketing ultimately sells one thing, it is a dream of freedom. Make no arguement about it, if you are successful you sell the dream of freedom. Many have tried to sell many other things and have arrived at a short term success with a long term failure. They sold their product or they sold the greed of the money. A great product is key to success, but competation will come. Greed moves people to action, but then they must learn to love people or they too fail. My value is to show you how to love other people's success and develop it, enjoy the benefits of your business, create some time freedom, create assets and remove liabilities, prepare for fame and fortune, create a goal plan with your Creator to enjoy life, family and friends, and ultimately achieve freedom.

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