My Life Biography

I was raised by hard working, God fearing parents. Raised on a farm I learned about hard work like fixing fences, tending cows, riding horses, planting and picking crops. Raised by parents who loved the Lord and life. The farm was hard work mixed with the pleasures of God's creation. So as you see I found life's pleasures in abundance, not riches, but life itself. I was close to God and nature. I rode horses, hunted, fished, camped, and enjoyed many outdoor sports. I found out about team sports early and enjoyed them. Active in sports as a player and coach, I enjoyed many championships in Pro Rodeo, Semi Pro Football, Baseball, Motocross, and Softball.

Raised by a Dad that was full of life's wisdom, he influenced me with his hard work, love of the Lord and life and in standing for what he believed in with zero fear and with no blindness to right and wrong. Dad believed we could do anything we set our heads to do. He also believed we should get a good education and work a good job til we retired. I followed in my brothers footsteps into law and finance. During school days I worked at a feed and seed store unloading boxcars of 100 pound sacks many times long hours. I worked as a milk routeman, a rack salesman in the grocery stores, and at a paper mill. After college I worked in Legal for the paper company writing land contracts, I still retain a FCEC license and defend churches rights. I later moved to the sales division of American Can, the paper company I worked for, and received the 1981 salesman of the year award selling 13 million of paper products in Alabama and Florida. My first introduction to Networking was in 1982 when American Can sold all their paper lands, mills, and lines to raise capital to buy a network marketing company called A.L.Williams. A few years later the company that bought us downsized and I for the first time in life was unemployed from a real job.

Along the way I had created a drink product and owned a small drink company. I had been introduced to Amway and networking and had became an absentee owner of a janitorial company, and as a result of purchasing the building for my janitorial company owned a tire store. I had a cash flow, but was debt heavy. I sold out everything and paid my debt down and made a decision to enter network marketing full time.

As a result of that decision in 1993 I have gone from debt heavy to zero debt and today my family enjoys life together. We have freedom. And freedom can't be bought, it has to be earned. As a result of trial and error I have learned a lot about networking. I have been a top 5 earner with several companies, been Director of Marketing, trained, on advisory councils, and spoke motivationally often. I have helped many develop careers in Network Marketing. It's all about being coachable, anyone can achieve more than I have, you must however want more out of life than what you have and instill the power of a made up mind in achieving your goals. Give us the opportunity to change your you can (Network) pass it on!