Why use bland company material? When you can promote yourself and your team with a custom produced Radio-Style Infomercial on a CD?

I will MC a professional Radio-Style Infomercial with you, (28 minutes in length) on your product or service. You provide the script, and then you and your team will be personally interviewed by me with special equipment via the telephone, just like a business opportunity call. Why not separate yourself and your team above the others by delivering a highly effective and entertaining infomercial into the hands of your business partners.

For speed and convenience, use our hi-tech fulfillment center to mass produce your unique infomercial for 5, 20, 50 or 100's of business opportunity seekers. Once we record and produce your team's CD, we provide direct mail out service for you. For a small fee, simply submit the names and mailing addresses and we will mail your personalized business letter and infomercial to the new recruit. What could be easier?

Duplication is about making it easy for your team to produce. No other system could be faster and easier than using me and my years of successful experience to get you duplicating now. Easy is best! It's also your name that gets the massive exposure and growth, not the other corporate guys. This duplication strategy is all about Ease, Momentum, Exposure, and Growth! We've constructed a proven system to allow you to auto-respond to your warm market with a consistent message that works every time. It doesn't get better than this!

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